Local lawmakers weigh in on legislative season

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Legislators were busy in Pierre discussing and debating bills and casting votes on how they felt they could best serve the citizens of the state.

There were many hot button topics as always and the state saw some legislation pass and other bills fail.

We caught up with two local state Representatives who weighed in on what they feel were some of the positives to come out of this year's session.

Rep Lynne DiSanto says, "I'm very excited about what happened this year with the precision Ag at SDSU. Agriculture is our number one industry in South Dakota and when Ag is doing well, we're all doing well. So I think moving towards that precision Ag program being developed at SDSU is going to be win for all South Dakotan's."

Taffy Howard says, "We were able to fund a veteran's cemetery in Sioux Falls, that was a huge victory for our veterans. Amazing what a fight it was even though every legislator signed on as a co-sponsor. It was amazing it was still such a uphill battle to get this cemetery on the other side of our state. Which is so important for our veterans."

On Tuesday Representatives DiSanto and Howard discuss what things they were hoping to see happen that fell short of passing at this year's session.