Local high schoolers learn how to make decisions with Junior Achievement program

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Local high school students were put in ethical situations to help them with their decision making skills.

Junior Achievement of South Dakota held their Excelling through Ethics program where more than 9,000 South Dakota freshman from 31 communities learn from executive level volunteers on the importance of ethics.
Here in Rapid City, nearly 800 students participated in the program that teaches concepts of integrity, reliability, values and character.

Konstantin Posherstnik with Junior Achievement says, "Really kind of push everyone to consider, 'Well, is this the right thing to do? Is this ethical? What would somebody else do in my shoes?' We try to make sure they understand the perspective aspect of ethics and really we try to drill home a lot of social media problems that's been going on, we really want to make sure they understand how that impacts them both as an individual and later on in their professional careers."

Officials with Junior Achievement say according to a recent workforce study, one in four candidates lacked integrity and nearly one in three lacked reliability, that's why they say it's important to plant the seed now to help these high schoolers grow in life and in work.