Local firework stand does this seasonal business for the love of Independence Day

Published: Jul. 3, 2020 at 4:32 PM MDT
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Firework stands pop up every year at the end of June, but who's behind them and what's it like to run such seasonal business?

Venus Fireworks is a locally owned and operated stand just off the interstate near Black Hawk. It's been family-owned and operated for more than fifteen years.

"We'd come out to the Hills and I just kind of felt that fireworks were a little overpriced and I had a friend out there in Aberdeen that was like, "yeah, I'll get you into the business", and I gave up my holiday, my favorite holiday, to try to give people good product for lower prices and try to make sure that they have a good holiday," said Venus Donley, Venus Fireworks owner.

Donley said the Fourth of July is her favorite holiday and loves seeing the reactions on people's faces when they come in to buy fireworks.

"My biggest pleasure of doing this business is watching people's faces when they're happy like "oh look what I got, oh I remember this when I was a kid," or something like that. I love when the elderly come in, going, " I just want some sparklers", you know. Just the smile on everybody'ss faces makes me happy and making sure that they have a good holiday and that they're happy," said Donley.

Donley said they start looking for and buying products in March and April. This year, she wasn't sure how much inventory the stand would need because of the pandemic but says business has been steady.

"Most of my suppliers will do shoots, is what they call them, where it's product testing," said Donley. "So we can see what the new products are for the year stuff like that, and then at that time we get together, put the order in of what we think's going to sell for the year, what looks good, what's the new items."

At the end of the short but busy season, Donley packs any unsold fireworks up for the next year to keep the humidity out so no one gets a dud.

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