Local doctor not surprised by diabetes study

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A recent federal study has some numbers you wouldn't expect to find when it comes to diabetes and obesity.

The number of people diagnosed with diabetes fell to 1.3 million in 2017, down from 1.7 million new cases in 2019.
During that same time obesity rates in the country have been on the rise.
A local endocrinologist says those figures could be due to a lowering of the threshold of diabetes diagnosis ten years ago with a leveling off now.

Regional Health endocrinologist Dr. John Palmer says, "And when we lowered that threshold of diagnosis, we got this large influx of patients who probably had been diabetic for several years. We just hadn't given them the formal diagnosis. So at that time, we saw this large influx in the diagnosis of diabetes in patients and we expected that to level off ads time proceeded as we now have this lower threshold. Certainly obesity remains one of the biggest issues that we have in the United States and really throughout the world. And there's no question that diabetes continues to be tied to that obesity epidemic."

Doctor Palmer says if you have any questions or concerns ... make sure you check with your doctor.