Local distillery warns: don't make hand sanitizer with vodka

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN)- Hand sanitizer is alcohol based, right? So can we make hand sanitizer using vodka? "It will not work," says Jerry Sailer, the owner of Black Hills Contraband Distillery. "The reason being is you need 60% alcohol or a 120 proof. Most Vodkas run only 40% or 50% alcohol." What about 100% pure alcohol? Some people might try Everclear, "but that's too strong. Turning that into a hand sanitizer can actually cause [sensation of] burns on your hand, which you won't notice." 100% alcohol evaporates quickly, and it could leave your hands feeling dry. Additionally, CDC website does point out that hand sanitizer might not be as effective in some situations. Sailer says, they accept requests of bringing the products to a customer's car, but just not requests of using drinkable alcohol for hand sanitizer.