Local clinic gives free diabetes screenings for World Diabetes Day

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Tuesday one local clinic provided free diabetes screenings in honor of World Diabetes Day.

Black Hills FOX Reporter Katrina Lim takes us to the Community Health Center of the Black Hills.

Studies show more than 30 million Americans are living with diabetes, and millions more may not even know they have it.

Diabetes affects the way the body processes sugar or glucose.

Many doctors say if you have too much sugar in your blood, it can cause serious problems like kidney damage and heart disease.

It can even result in limb removal.

That's why the Community Health Center wants to help patients prevent this disease.

Community Health Center of the Black Hills Dietitian and Diabetes Educator Tanja Cutting says, "Approximately 80 million Americans don't even realize that they have diabetes and that's a huge problem so in order to identify those folks who might need extra help or might be on their way towards diabetes, we wanted to offer the screening so that we can get them the tools and education that they need in order to prevent type 2 from occurring."

Linda Mohr is a medical assistant at Community Health, but she's also been a type 2 diabetic for the last 10 years.

Linda Mohr says, "It was tough. You know you think you do everything right. You're eating good. You're doing the three meals a day, but it's not enough."

Mohr says being diabetic adds quite a bit of extra responsibility to her daily routine.

Linda Mohr says, "It's a big setback having to check your blood sugars three to four times a day. When you're a diabetic and your blood sugar is running in the 500s, making sure your meds are adjusted, giving yourself shots everyday, taking the medications."

But after managing her diet and exercise, she says she's 100 pounds lighter and much more healthy.

Linda Mohr says, "I think I'm a lot healthier. I used to hurt all the time. Getting around was hard. Exercising, walking was all a big task for you. Your eyes aren't normal. You feel like you have this cloud. When I got things under control, I felt like I could do my hiking and my walking and not have any issues."

If you would like to know if you have diabetes, you can get your blood drawn or ask your doctor for more information.