Local church members lift up their voices for charity

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Advent is the first season of the Christian church year leading up to Christmas.

And today one local church lent their voices to help children in need this Advent season.

The Calvary Lutheran Church lifted up their voices not only to praise God, but to raise money for the Children's Home Society.

Several groups from the congregation sang music and played instruments.

At the end of the concert, the audience members could give free-will donations.

The church's music director says he has four children of his own so the Children's Home is near and dear to his heart.

Calvary Lutheran Church Music Director Albin Spreizer says, "Oh, I think probably I've had enough experiences in my life to where I could appreciate kids getting in tough spots and just needing a safe place so that just resonates with me."

Established in 1893, the Children's Home Society is South Dakota's oldest human services, nonprofit organization.

CHS provides emergency shelter, adoption services, and residential treatment.