Local author's book hopes to raise awareness for people of diversabilities

Published: Apr. 2, 2018 at 6:36 PM MDT
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JJ says, ' Can it feel pain, some people think so and it drives me insane.'

To be remembered, leave a positive impact. That's the goal of many.

Heather Pickering says, ' He has a small group of people, small but mighty group of people that are really excited to see him share his abilities with a wider audience.'

James Janis is one of those people.

JJ says, ' it was painstaking work, but I wouldn't change it for anything.'

His friends and family call him JJ, through his writing he hopes to never be forgotten.

JJ says, ' No No No the chair is not me, Yes Yes Yes, I long to be free.'

Powerful words, from a stronger man.

and the purpose for his book?

JJ says,' Its time to change people's perceptions of people with diversabilites.'

JJ's purpose is to eliminate the first impression many get when they first see him.

JJ says, ' The chair is only a vehicle I use to get around. It doesn't define me, it doesn't say who i am.'

JJ dictated his words, to Heather Pickering who then typed them up and played a role in JJ's dream since age 15 coming true.

JJ says, ' I guess you can say she woke up a sleeping giant.'

Pickering says, ' to actually get to the point of having the book in our hands was a really exciting moment.'

For the man who has composed many words, the first time seeing his book left with far fewer.

JJ ' This is great.'

To write his poems JJ speaks of what he knows'

Pickering says, ' His words are powerful because they come from him, they come from his life experiences with diversabilites, they come from his life growing up between Pine Ridge and Rapid City.

And this is just the beginning for JJ who wants to write a second book, and take his first one on a tour.

JJ says, ' I want to take it to the school system and read it, starting with 4th and 5th graders and going from there."

and this local author knows he has one last thing to give, and it's the thing, that truly matters.

JJ says, ' All I need to give is love.'

JJ's book will be on sale later this month at the Suzie Cappa center. Reporting in Rapid City, I'm Jeff Voss. Black Hills Fox News