Local author shares how she got children's books published

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On Friday a local author shared how she started publishing her children's books and coloring books.

People gathered at the Matthews Opera House & Arts Center to meet Jo Powell of Spearfish.

Powell says she used an online tool called CreateSpace to publish what she calls "coloristory" books.

Her coloristory books include the history of tourist attractions in the Black Hills and pictures of these places for children to color.

She's written books for the Tri-State Museum in Belle Fourche, and she's currently working on a coloring book for the D.C. Booth Fish Hatchery.

Author and illustrator Dr. Jo Powell says, "I am hoping that the kids, that they will learn something about the area that they live in and hopefully their parents, too because like I said there's some history in it, a lot of writing about the history of the area so I'm hoping that the whole family will learn something they maybe they didn't know before in their area."

Powell says she learns a lot about the area by just doing the research for her books.