Local Hill City student selected to perform at Sydney Opera House

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More than 18,000 high school students from around the world applied to be a part of the 2018 High School Honors Performance Series at the Sydney Opera House in Australia.
Of those 18,000, nearly 250 were selected, including a sophomore at Hill City High School.

Holden Stach, a talented student at Hill City High School.
This July, Holden gets to put his talent on an international stage, at the world famous Sydney Opera House in Australia, along with nearly 250 other outstanding high school performers from 43 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Qatar, and South Korea.
Holden auditioned for the Honors Performance Series in September and was notified in October that he was selected.

Holden Stach says, "I was just amazed, because you know, it's just international and there's so many people out there that can be so talented and it just made me really happy."

Now Holden gets this once in a lifetime experience to share his talent with others.

Holden says, "I'll be practicing with some pretty talented people."

And what makes it even more special for Holden is the fact that his great grandmother and all of her family is from Australia and even though she is no longer here, it was her lifelong dream to see one of her family members sing in the Opera House that she once stood on herself.

Holden says, "Well, I'll get to be on the same stage as my great grandma about 45 years ago and just kind of be able to have that same experience as her."

Finalists will gather in Sydney for six days in July.
In order for Holden and his family to take part in this opportunity, he needs to raise nearly $19,000.
If you are interested in helping out you can search Holden Stach Downunder on www.gofundme.com.