Local 4th graders get crafty, learn about World Habitat Day

Published: Oct. 3, 2016 at 1:35 PM MDT
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Local fourth graders were celebrating World Habitat Day by helping those in need.

Black Hills Area Habitat for Humanity made a visit to both Robbinsdale and Pinedale Elementary Schools to teach fourth graders about World Habitat Day and to ask them to use their art skills for a special project.

Each student will receive a Jenga block to paint what home means to them, the blocks will then go to families moving into their habitat home.

One Robbinsdale fourth grade teacher says she was excited to get her students involved with this project, so they can learn more about what goes on in the world.

McMacken says, "I think it also helps kids to grow, because when you think you have problems you can see other people have bigger problems and then you can think, 'oh, well I can deal with this, they have to deal with that' and then you think of other people and what can I do to help them? So, I think it just all leads to this great circle."

McMacken says it's also important for her students to know that kids just like them don't even have a home.

In fact, last year nearly 700 students in the Rapid City Area School District were homeless and so far this year that number is at 300, which is more than this time last year.