Local 3-D printer creator and other small businesses highlighted during National Small Business Week

Published: May. 4, 2018 at 3:13 PM MDT
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"Small, literally in a basement, launched on Kickstarter by a man with a vision and a passion," said Shon Anderson, CEO of B9 Creations.

14 years later, B9 Creations is now one of the leading 3-D manufacturers in the area. Designing it's B9 Core Series of personal three-dimensional printers just last year.

their products enable companies to print products at a dashing speed with high resolution on a global scale including jewelry, medical devices, and prototypes.

B9 Creations revenue was south of 6 million dollars in 2017, between doubling and tripling from the previous year. Numbers from that equates from selling thousands of printers and results the CEO tells me doesn't come from just one set of hands.

"When you're talking about having to build and deliver and ship to people in 66 different countries and understand what that takes from a logistic standpoint, supply chain etc, a lot of hard work from our team goes into making that happen," Anderson said.

It is worth that many do not see.

"The vast majority of days, there is no acknowledgment, there is no crowd cheering in the background you have to be in touch with your customers enough to get your validation and feedback thereof, am I on track, am I doing the right thing, am I doing it fast enough?" Anderon continued.

Mike Rosson, a business consultant at the Small Business Development Center, says he sees potential business owners that have two objectives

"One is uh it's been a life dream that they own their own business and other people come in because they really want to grow the economy and they really want to employ people," Rosson said.

he says helping them out and witnessing the steps those small corporations take to get to the next level is priceless.

"It's fun to see from our side as they grow from small business to small business to small business," he continued.

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