'Life' in Prison: Part One

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Pregnancy is a precious part of a woman's life as they bring a new person into the world.
Preparing to care for it are moments many mothers across the country cherish for years.
But not all moms-to-be get those opportunities.

Pregnancy behind bars is a reality for several women across the country -- including here in South Dakota.
Women still make it to their regular doctors appointments - but they miss out on a lot of other components.

26-year-old Samantha Cadwallader is no stranger to parenthood.
Cadwallader says, "I have two boys already."
Now expecting her third child in a nontraditional way.

Cadwallader says, "Having to go get an ultrasound handcuffed is pretty embarrassing. I don't think anyone really wants to do that."
Cadwallader is spending her pregnancy serving out her sentence at the South Dakota Women's Prison in Pierre.
She's doing time for drug-related charges - after struggling with addiction back in 2011.
But she says this experience is humbling.
Cadwallader says, "It's definitely not something that I thought would help me grow. I didn't think I'd come to prison pregnant. I don't think anyone ever does."
A life-changing experience in your atypical kind of way - she shares some of the struggles she faces while incarcerated and expecting.
Cadwallader says, "Not really feeling like you're getting the full care that you'd normally get if you went to a regular doctor because you are considered a felon, you know."
Cadwallader is originally from Sioux City, Iowa - but hopefully headed to the Sioux Falls area once her sentence is up.
Being far from family during this time has been difficult - especially from her two boys.
Cadwallader says, "I know that they would be like 'Aw mom, there's a baby in your belly.' You know - excited - and I'm missing out on that experience because of my choices that I made before I came here."
But part of what has gotten her through, the support system.
Cadwallader says, "There are some people that you can tell they really genuinely care but still there's that judgment part that kind of stings a little bit."
Within the prison walls, she says the guards are helpful - and even more so, the other inmates.
Cadwallader says, "There are some really great amazing women here that make time go by faster and helps my time go by easier as well. I can't eat all the pickles that I want and I can't eat all the pizza or anything that I want to eat but there's always someone there."
She says being pregnant in prison helps her on the path to reform.
Cadwallader says, "I'm grateful for the experience. I mean, yeah sure, it's stressful but it kind of gets your head out of your butt."

We shot this story earlier in the summer - when Samantha Cadwallader still had some time left of her pregnancy.
Since then, she's given birth to a baby girl and is up for parole next month.