Library commemorates the Rapid City Flood of 1972

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Nearly 46 years ago, a devastating and deadly flood shook Rapid City to the core.

And starting on Tuesday, the Rapid City Public Library is remembering that tragic time.

The library is displaying an exhibit of several news transcripts from the Robb Dewall collection.

These transcripts show the story of the flood, from the night it happened to relief efforts and its impact on the town.

One librarian says the exhibit keeps a part of history alive.

"Each year we do some type of exhibit commemorating the flood because it's important for the community to remember what happened and to have that kind of knowledge passed down because many of the people in Rapid City didn't live here during the flood," Sam Slocum said, Special Collections Librarian.

People can also look at the original news transcripts in the archive section of the library.

The exhibit will run through the month of June.