Legislators return for veto day

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Monday was veto day with the state legislature in Pierre.
Governor Dennis Daugaard vetoed a trio of bills passed by the legislature this session and the body failed to override any of those three vetoes Monday.

The House failed to get the two-thirds needed to revive a bill allowing lawmakers to introduce legislation before the session starts.
The Senate failed to override the veto of a bill that would have given home-schooled students another path to the State Opportunity Scholarship.
And the House didn't get enough votes to override the veto of a bill that aimed to impose new requirements for college tuition assistance programs.
Lawmkers seemed happy with the way the year went.

Rep. Mark Mickelson says, "The precision ag facility was a significant accomplishment. I think we made some good reforms on the initiated measure process to preserve it for South Dakota citizens but make it more difficult for those who aren't from here to use us as a testing ground."

Sen. Billie Sutton says, "Starting out the session I think everybody's mind was on where our revenues were at, what the budget looked like and it was a zero percent increase coming into session. So my general thought is I'm happy that we had more dollars available that we thought we were going to have and we were able to get some increases. Because I wouldn't have felt very good about this session coming out with zero percent increases if that was the case."

The Legislature's Executive Board voted Monday on topics to study ahead of next year's session.
Among other things, lawmakers will study access to mental health services in South Dakota and examine the costs at the state and local levels.