Legislators don't want to wait to grow hemp

PIEDMONT, S.D. (KEVN) - At Saturday's crackerbarrel in Piedmont the meeting started off with many people interested in the production of hemp.

House Bill 1191 passed unanimously through the agriculture committee on Friday. This bill would legalize the growth, production, and processing of hemp in the state. This will also include any derivative products from the plant. Some legislators believe it's important to act fast and not wait any more than a year or so to take advantage of the opportunities this could bring to the state.

"I think the governor wanted us too cool our jets a little bit and put it on hold. I think that's dangerous. I think there's some manufacturing opportunities there for people in this state that if we can't move on it a little quicker than a couple years I think they're going to move out of state and, because the need is there, the market is there," says Rep. Thomas Brunner, District 29.

With the government shutdown there is a delay to find out what could happen if the growth of hemp is legalized in the state.