Law enforcement captures 'Rapid City's most wanted fugitive'

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After almost a week the hunt for what is being called Rapid City's most wanted fugitive is over.

Saul Crowe

Just before 7:00pm Tuesday evening, Pennington County's Special Response Team caught and arrested Saul Crowe.

The SRT responded to the Brookdale Estates mobile home park - off of Highway 44 on Tuesday afternoon.
Law enforcement believed Crowe was somewhere in the park, next to Western Dakota Tech. The team searched the perimeter and checked cars as they left the area.
WDT was put on lockdown following the callout.
After several hours in the area the SRT located Crowe and apprehended him without incident.

Deputy Commander Special response team, Tony Harrison says, "We have successfully apprehended Saul Crowe after a multi-hour standoff with him. I'm very happy to report that nobody is hurt or injured with anything major. There are a few minor injuries that included in term of a dog bite and some other stuff. But there were no major injuries or fataltites which is good for all of us."

Crowe was wanted for firearm-related incidents, a warrant for a burglary in September and also wanted for questioning about a potential involvement in a shooting last week.
Five local agencies teamed up in Tuesday night's capture.