Law Tigers lend a helping hand after motorcycle accidents

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Accidents can be a daily occurrence in the City of Riders, but a law firm says if it happens to you, they've got your back.

Law Tigers is a national firm equipped with attorneys who know the bike scene, since they are oftentimes motorcyclists themselves.
The firm travels to rallies across the country, and they say here in Sturgis, they're keeping extremely busy.

Lyonel Gammon, National Director of Marketing, says, "The distracted driving is a big issue out here during the Rally. You'll notice there's a lot of motorists out here as well as a lot of motorcycles. Motorcycles are 2 to 1 of motorists very easily. A lot of times, these motorists are not prepared to see this influx of riders, so they get distracted maybe by seeing a new motorcycle or seeing a parade, what's going on here. We just encourage people to be aware, know that these motorcycles are here."

If you get into an accident yourself and wish to contact Law Tigers, you can call 1 - 800 - LAW - TIGERS.