Lakota Dream Monument and Museum tells the story of the Lakota people

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN-TV) It's a new attraction in Rapid City bringing the culture and story of the Lakota people to the downtown area.

It started about a year ago when Adonis Saltes inherited some cultural artifacts from his grandmother.

Originally from Pine Ridge, Saltes is a recent graduate of Southern Utah University and says it was his dream to tell the story of the Lakota people by the Lakota People.

The museum has a range of exhibits from Lakota values to historical artifacts from Crazy Horse himself and Saltes says it's something new and unique to his people and those visiting.

"We're doing something that has never been done before and as you know of the Lakota people, we are very sacred people to open this up to the public about who we really are. I think for the most part people are really excited to see something new and to actually bring the real culture and tradition to Rapid City, " says Adonis Saltes, president of the Lakota Dream Museum and Monument.

The exhibit will open to the public on September 15th and that day they will have an open house with activities to welcome the museum and monument to the community.