Klinetobe sentencing hearing begins

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The sentencing phase is underway for 30-year old Jonathan Klinetobe for his involvement in the murder of Jessica Rehfeld of Rapid City back in May of 2015.

Back in September Klintetobe pleaded guilty to aiding abetting first degree manslaughter and faces a potential life in prison without parole.
Refeld went missing in May of 2015 and her body was found buried near Rockerville in May of the following year.
Judge Heidi Linngren said this sentencing hearing will last four or five days.
Monday, prosecutors laid out their timeline of what happened in the case.

In her opening statement, Pennington County Chief Deputy States Attorney Lara Roetzel said Rehfeld and Klinetobe had an on-again off-again relationship in 2014 and 2015 that ended in April of 2015.
At that point, Roetzel says Klinetobe became obsessed with her, stalking her and threatening to kill her, her family and her new boyfriend.
Roetzel says Klinetobe claimed $500,000 would be paid by the Hells Angels for killing Rehfeld, paid after proof of death, although nothing was ever paid.
On May 15th of 2015, Klinetobe was served with a protection order requested by Rehfeld and she says Richard Hirth was told she had to be killed now and he and David Schneider would be paid the night of the killing.

Three days later, Roetzel says Hirth and Schneider picked up Rehfeld to drive her to her job at Walmart.
Instead, she says Hirth attacked her from the back seat, stabbing her an estimated seven times. as she begged and pleaded for her life.
Roetzel says they moved the body to the trunk, showed it to Klinetobe and buried her in a shallow grave off Teepee Gulch Road.
She says Klinetobe became unhappy with the burial site and enlisted Michael Frye and Garland Brown to move her body to a second site in late May, threatening to kill them if they didn't cooperate.

In 2016, Roetzel says a woman who used to drive Klinetobe to the burial site was overcome with guilt and told police what she knew, opening the case back up again and leading to five arrests.
She says when a search warrant was served on klinetobe's residence in Sturgis, they found Jessica's purse in the pantry along with her Walmart name tag and found the necklace she was wearing the day of the murder in a lockbox on the kitchen table.

That hearing will continue Tuesday
David Schneider pleaded guilty to first degree murder in 2017 and Richard Hirth has pleaded not guilty and not guilty by reason of insanity.
Frye and Brown have pleaded guilty to being accessories to Rehfeld's murder.