King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management offers genetic training for cattle producers

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Cattle owners from seven different states are in Rapid City for a genetic training session offered by the King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management.

Good use of genetic technology within herds can make for more profit when the cattle are sold, and better meat when they are taken to market. It also provides for a healthier herd that is less susceptible to disease.

West River Ag Center Director Kristi Cammack says, "Producers around the region are really interested in learning how to use new genetic technologies within their herds in order to make production improvements, and so that's the purpose of this lectureship. The genetic basis for the herd is where we can make the most improvements and use that to catapult future improvements as well."

Today was day one of the two-day seminar. There will be more cattle genetic presentations Friday. Presenters have come from Kansas State University and the University of Nebraska.