Kids celebrate end of summer Rock School with a concert

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On Wednesday kids 10 to 18 years old jammed out at the Rock School Summer Concert.

This summer concert marks the 15th year for the program here in Rapid City.

Rock School Founder Scott MIller believes it's lasted this long because they try to challenge the students and keep the courses fresh.

He also says working with the kids has been awesome.

Rock School Founder and Co-owner Scott Miller says, "It's a lot of fun. I always feel sometimes like I'm getting more out of it than they are because it's a lot of fun. They're just a blast to work with. It's nice to see the light come on in their head when they learn something new and they get a new song or chord or just the feeling of all of them playing together is a unique feeling."

Rock School's next semester starts the first full week in September.

Children will learn music theory, write an original song, and prepare for another concert.

Students who are interested can check out