Kicking off racing season with a car show and parade

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Winter is moving out and race cars are zooming in.

We show how Black Hills Speedway is getting people pumped for this year's racing season.

Engines were revving at the first ever Black Hills Speedway Car Show & Parade.

Race cars started out at O'Reilly Auto Parts and ended up at the Kmart parking lot.

Racers were showing off their rides in hopes of getting newcomers interested in the sport.

Lynn Amick says, "Well race has kind of died off a little bit in the last few years and we just have to get it built back up. Black Hills Speedway has a new promoter. There's another new track going out East of Box Elder. There's a lot of positive changes happening so we need to just try to get out and promote it, try to get everybody to come see what we love."

Lynn Amick says he's been going around in circles for 13 years... and would love to see new drivers on the track.

Lynn Amick says, "I was born into it. My dad's raced. My grandpa raced. My uncles race so it's in my blood. It's just what I do. My friends and family are in it. Just the rush of it. Building stuff, every part about it is addicting."

John Carlton is a promoter for the Speedway.

He says the more locals get into racing, the better it is for Rapid City's economy.

John Carlton says, "Just the more community involvement we have, especially with the police department, the fire department, and everyone that was involved in putting on all of this, helps promote our city and build the sport. The more people that we get to come race at the track, the more people that stay here and spend money."

If you'd like to see cars screaming by, opening night at Black Hills Speedway is May 4th at 2467 Jolly Lane.