Keystone is preparing for an influx of people

Red, White, and Blue decorate the streets of Keystone.

KEYSTONE, S.D. (KEVN) - American pride lines the streets of Keystone in preparation for this weekend's celebration and helping out is Keystone board of trustee Kwinn Neff.

"In the past when they did fireworks we didn't do much preparation, this year's a bit different," said Neff.

President Donald Trump will make his way to Mount Rushmore for the July third fireworks and the city's main goal is parking.

"The communities come together to identify additional parking for guests in town," said Neff.

Right now the city can hold 1000 cars, but with additional parking, another 300 spots will be added.

Business owner Tim Johnson says this will help out the economy.

"This is going to be a big shot in the arm for Keystone for our economy, we've been suffering cause typically hotels are sold out every night starting middle of May through the end of September and unfortunately this year we haven't been selling out a whole lot," said Johnson.

COVID 19 has hit this little town hard, with lack of tourism the city is hoping to recoup some of their funds through this weekend's celebration from viewing parties to parking fees. That money will go back to the community helping out Jon Veltman president of the Senior Center and Historical Society in Keystone.

"It's either do or die for us, I mean if we don't have funds, we don't operate," said Veltman.

Money made from Parking lot C will be going back into the Keystone Area Historical Society and also the Keystone Senior Citizen Center, while the money made from other lots will be going into community improvement projects.

Even if you did not get tickets, Keystone officials want you to know there are plenty of viewing areas at the hotels in the city and viewing parties at local businesses.