Kenny Miller remembered by friends and family

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Rapid City,SD (KEVN) Friends, family, and fellow musicians gathered to remember legendary Black Hills artist Kenny Miller this afternoon in Lead. Black Hills Fox reporter Jeff Voss traveled to the Northern Hills and caught up with those who had their lives impacted by Mr. Miller

Kenny Miller lost his life last year in Mesa, AZ. Today those who knew and were inspired by Miller gathered at the Homestake Opera House in his honor.

Kenny Miller says, ' It's absolutely amazing this is the second celebration of life. I cannot tell you how many people I did not knew, that knew my father. And how many people have had their lives touched by his music.'

Murray says, ' You know a lot of memories started coming back to specific places we played and experiences we had together. In different bands and personally as friends.'

Miller was inducted into the South Dakota Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012

Murray says, 'His vocal work was incredible his rhythm guitar playing was impeccable. And as a friend and human being he was a very wonderful person.

For those who had the chance to see Miller perform or to play with him, you could tell music was his calling.
Murray says, ' One of the things that I will always remember about Kenny is he said to me we don't play for the people so much as we play for the song.'

Growing up with a father as a musician had different impact for his son.

Miller says, ' Different, very different. I was the only person in my school that had a father as a musician, i had other friends from other towns with fathers as musicians. No one in Deadwood, it was very unique. I didn't realize how special it was until here we are.'

With that uniqueness brings back one memory of man from Deadwood who helped remember some of the biggest names in music.

Miller says, ' I remember he worked on a show, the Marty Robbins, Roy Orbison, Elvis Pressley and he worked on it for two years,and I remember his first gig, it was down at the Hickcock house, and he looked so happy. He couldn't have been more happy.'

and that happiness is now carried on to his fellow musicians as Miller helped further their careers as well.

Murray says, ' He opened up doors for me that may not have ever happened had I not met him.'

Reporting from Lead, I'm Jeff Voss. Black Hills Fox News.