Kenadi's Playground construction underway in Spearfish

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Rapid City, SD (KEVN) Kenadi's park is currently being built in Spearfish in honor of Kenadi Jean Weis,

An all-inclusive park being built in Spearfish honors Kenadi Jean Weis. (KEVN)

The all-inclusive park includes rubber surfacing to allow those in wheelchairs and walkers the ability to easily access the playground as well as wider ramps for wheelchair access

The Park also includes sensory areas and braille.

there is an all-inclusive swing that had emotions running high for a family getting to experience a first for their teenager.

"There was a child that was 17-years-old who got to swing for the very first time, with tears in his parent's eyes they said this is the very first time he's been able to play alongside his friends, siblings, family, and classmates. That's really what it is all about," says Kelly Weis-Schultz

There is a dedication planned in August for Kenadi's Playground. Spearfish also has Salem Park which is also inclusive, Kenadi's mother added that the park also allows grandparents and Veteran's the ability to play when they otherwise wouldn't be able to