Keep kids safe; stop for school buses with flashing lights

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - School buses might not be around as much once summer starts, but for now, drivers should still use caution when buses come around.

Last week, a New York bus driver saved a student by pulling him back inside after noticing a car coming up by the door of the bus.

Sometimes people will continue to drive past a stopped school bus, but it's against the law to do so. If the stop sign is out and the red lights are flashing, you must stop. You are only allowed to pass a stopped school bus if the yellow lights are flashing, and even then you should not drive any faster than 15 miles per hour.

If you see a Rapid Ride bus stopped with flashing lights you are legally allowed to drive around them, but you have to go slow then as well.

"Student or even an adult can try and get out in front of traffic and come out from the front of the bus and try to cross the street. So just be cautious and aware of what's going on when the flashers are on and we're stopped at a stop," says Rapid Transit Division Manager Megan Gould.

In South Dakota, you must stop 15 feet away from a school bus and wait until all visual signals to stop are no longer in use.

If you pass a school bus, it is considered a class two misdemeanor.
To read more about those specific laws, you can visit the South Dakota Legislature website here.