K of C donates coats to needy Rapid City students

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Being a student can be tough enough, but it's even tougher homeless.
The Rapid City School District says they finished last year with over 600 homeless students and so far this year they've identified 266 homeless students.

The Knights of Columbus Council 1489 out of the Cathedral in Rapid City is stepping up to help.
They raised $3,780 dollars and bought 168 coats and along with another 87 hats donated those to the district's McKinney-Vento program who will give them to students in need.
That's a federal program that helps homeless students with things like clothing and transportation.
And with the weather turning cold, the needs for coats is great.

McKinney-Vento program coordinator Anita Deranleau says, "If you have to walk to school, and many of our students do, and then you get to school and you're cold because you've walked in the cold without a coat, it takes an hour to warm up. How can you focus on school, trying to warm up in a classroom, focusing on that instead of your education?"

K of C Council 1489 Deputy Grand Knight Dustin Wagner says, "We wanted to do a project that would help make a difference in the community. Providing coats for homeless kids seemed like a really good opportunity."

Deranleau says a lot of people don't realize how many homeless students there are in the Rapid City district.