Jury finds Willingham guilty

A jury has decided the fate of Donald Willingham, who was charged with attempted murder in the beating of South Dakota highway patrol trooper Zac Bader two years ago.

The jury received the case just before noon Thursday and they came back with a guilty verdict a little more than five hours later.
Willingham was found guilty of attempted first degree murder, aggravated assault on law enforcement, two marijuana charges and commission of a felony with a firearm.
During closing arguments, prosecutors said this was a simple case.
They argued that Willingham’s intent was to kill and that all he cared about was drugs and money.

The defense argued that it was another man, Jonathon Melendez, who was responsible. However, the state countered that dash-cam video proved others were not involved.
Willingham's lawyer said during the trial that Willingham never tried to kill Trooper Bader.
Willingham faces the potential of over 100 years in prison when he's sentenced in a couple of weeks.
No definite date for that sentencing was set Thursday.