Judge denies reduced sentence for man convicted of manslaughter

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A man who was sentenced to five years in the South Dakota State Penitentiary in 2016 for manslaughter was back in Seventh Circuit today asking Judge Jeff Davis to reduce his sentence.

Jody Kreycik was the operator of a jet ski that struck a boat at Pactola in August of 2015... killing 33-year-old Gabby Fisher, who was a passenger in the boat.

Today in court Kreycik said not a day goes by that he doesn't think about what happened.

He asked the judge to reduce his sentence so that he can get treated for his PTSD and traumatic brain injury from serving in Iraq.

Gabby's father Paris Fisher said,"Keeping Jody in jail is not going to bring my daughter back."

Fisher said he forgives Kreycik and that it's time for all of them to move on and heal.

Judge Davis ultimately denied the motion to reduce the sentence or change it in any way... saying he received a sentence that matched his actions.