Johnson promises to represent rural areas in ag committee

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Freshman Congressman Dusty Johnson has a seat on the Agriculture Committee.

Johnson is no stranger to Ag related issues. The congressman came back to South Dakota to attend the annual Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo. At the Civic Center he spoke with people about issues they're concerned with and he plans to take those concerns back to Washington. Johnson says because of the impact agriculture has on the South Dakota economy it's important to have someone on the Ag committee who understand what rural states go through.

"Well I think most people realize what a big part of our economy agriculture is, if anybody doubts that they just need to come to the stock show and they can see thousands of people from multi-state region coming and, it is a big part of our economy, it's a big part of our culture and so for me it is important to have somebody from South Dakota on that agriculture committee somebody who understands it, somebody who has had a commitment in the public sector and in the private sector," he says.

Johnson also says that although the country is becoming more of an urban nation it is still important to have strong rural areas.