John Thune speaks to locals on tax reform

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South Dakota Senator John Thune was in Rapid City for a series of stops around town Friday. His first was at Western Dakota Tech.

Tax reform is a hot topic in Washington, and Thune is one of the leading voices on the tax-writing Senate Finance Committee. He briefly discussed how the tax reform will affect us locally, and then held a Q&A session for those in attendance. Among the questions raised were potential deductions for business owners and ranchers along with health care.

South Dakota Senator John Thune says, "I think most people are concerned about pocketbook issues, so health care, for example came up here today, but I think for the most part, it's kitchen table type stuff. It's how's this going to help me, and so we're trying to answer those questions as well as we can."

Included in the reform are the doubling of standard deduction, the doubling of child tax credit, and the lowering of the overall rates. Thune says 9 out of 10 people will receive a tax cut.