Job fair held for inmates at minimum security facility

Rapid City, S.D. (KEVN) For inmates housed at the minimum security facility in Rapid City, getting a job can be difficult with a felony record.

Inmates interview for jobs at minimum security

To help them re-enter the workforce ... a job fair was held today at the Department of Corrections facility.
One current inmate who has around 90 days left before he is released says he's thankful for employers who came out to give himself and all other inmates here another chance in life.

"It is very nice that these people come out here and take the time out of their day to spend time with us to try and get us jobs before we get out. It is amazing, truly a blessing, I believe everyone deserves a second chance." says Austin Ehnes

GJ Holsworth had a booth set up at the job fair and they've been using work release employees for 15 years.

Part of the reason the landscape business continues to hire those who have had a brush with the law is the owner sees a reflection of himself in those he is now hiring.

"It does bring us into a position where we have great talent that is here. They've just made some bad decisions through the course of their lives. I've had 30 plus years ago made a bad decision on my life and got a second chance from a lot of good people in our community so it's put me in the same position." says Dan Holsworth

This is the first year the minimum security unit has put on the job fair.