Intersection of Fifth and Main Streets will experience traffic flow changes

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Changes in traffic flow are coming soon to the intersection of Fifth and Main Streets in Rapid City.

The city says changes are being made to increase safety and reduce accidents.

In a few weeks, the northbound approach of Fifth Street will turn into two left turn lanes and two thru lanes.

The current layout is a left turn lane, a shared lane for thru traffic and left turns, a thru lane, and a parking lane.

Rapid City Traffic Engineer Steven Frooman says, "Historically there's been a problem of people who want to turn left from that shared lane, have to stop for southbound traffic to clear. And then people behind them who are intending to go straight through the intersection being sort of caught by surprise by that and then you're having to slam on their brakes to not rear-end them, actually rear-ending them, swerving around them."

The city says 300 people per hour per day turn left from Fifth onto Main.

They say this small project should take only one or two nights.