Internationally known researcher speaks on bullying in Rapid City

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An internationally known researcher was in Rapid City Monday evening, delivering a speech on how teachers, parents, and students can prevent bullying.

Dr. Dorothy Espelage has over two decades researching in the field of "Preventing bullying and adverse outcomes associated with it."

Some of the research done by Dr. Espelage deals with talking to students about bullying at younger ages, as well as other methods that research has shown to be effective

Katie Edwards says, " But also talking about her work in what we call Social-emotional learning. So its a type of curriculum that can teach students how do they manage anger, emotion, how do they feel empathy for others. How do they respect others, respect diversity. All of this programming has shown really significant impacts in reducing bullying.

The event was hosted by Youth Voices in Prevention, Rapid City Area Schools, and Black Hills State University - Rapid City