Importance of Time : "Friday's Focus on Fatherhood"

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Every Friday night here on Black Hills Fox we spend a moment talking about how Dad's can be the best we can be.

In this edition of "Friday's Focus on Fatherhood", we hear from Jim Kinyon, Executive Director of Catholic Social Services in Rapid City.
Kinyon is a licensed Marriage and Family Counselor and is a Dad himself.

Our question this week: What's the most important thing for fathers to keep in mind when raising their kids?

Jim Kinyon of Catholic Social Services in Rapid City says, "Spending time with your kids is a way of sort of giving them an ounce of your life. It's a way of affirming who they are, indicating how important that they are," he says.

"It gives you opportunities to sort of celebrate their successes to form, and that really plays a critical role in the formation of ego, to form, and that really plays a critical role in the formation of ego, and for kids to believe in themselves," Kinyon says.

He goes on to say, "Most often kids will have that confidence
and that belief in themselves when they feel like they've recieved that affirmation from their father in a particular way.
Again mothers play a very vital role, but as that old saying goes, 'Jesus and Mama will always love you. It's oftentimes very true. And often times kids feel as if they have to earn the love from their father."

Kinyon continues by saying, "And when fathers invest time and communicate and affirm their successes and participate in the things that are important to them, really has a tremendous impact long term on that , on the ego of that child."

If you're a father with a question you'd like us to address sometime, please call or e-mail us to let us know.
And we'll have another short practical tip for Dad's next Friday night.