IM 22 supporters unhappy about its replacements, deciding what's next

Published: Mar. 19, 2017 at 7:50 PM MDT
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The 2017 legislative session has come and gone with several bills passed to repeal and replace an initiated measure voted in during the November election.

But one group remains fired up about Initiated Measure 22 -- which would've provided an ethics commission, public campaign funding, and limitations on lobbyist gifts to lawmakers.

Governor Dennis Daugaard and many lawmakers took a stand against I-M 22 early in the session, calling it unconstitutional, and later repealed the measure entirely.

Several bills were introduced, passed, and signed by the Governor to quote 'capture the best parts' of IM 22 and remove the worst.

But members of Represent South Dakota still feel unhappy with the outcome, and feel voters were ignored this session.

Spokesperson for Represent South Dakota Doug Kronaizl says, "A lot weaker than what voters demanded. The voters voted stronger transparency, anti-corruption, open government laws. The legislature responded by repealing all of those laws saying they were going to respect the voters and replacing them with laws that are at their face, a lot weaker than what it was that the voters enacted."

Represent South Dakota is hosting public forums across the state hoping to hear from some voters on how to move forward. That included one in Rapid City on Sunday.