Hundreds rally for and against Trump on Presidents Day

Published: Feb. 20, 2017 at 5:01 PM MST
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People were exercising their first Amendment rights and making their voices heard this Presidents Day.

Across the country thousands are rallying for 'Not My President's Day,' expressing their opinions against the Trump administration in the White House.

Some took part here in Rapid City, celebrating the qualities they say have made past presidents great. They say they hope that President Trump will learn to carry on those great characteristics.

Suzanne Martley says, "No matter who is president, no matter who voted for that individual -- once you're in the office you're there for all of us. You owe it to the country and to the office to listen to all of the us. This is our right to be here. We have a right to speak out, even if we're in the minority."

On the other side of the street, supporters of President Trump were backing the man in the Oval Office, after saying they were tired of seeing the negativity towards the President around the country.

Marguerite McPhillips, Chair of the Pennington County Republican Party says, "We are a positive people. We believe in our country and we want to make America great again. We believe there are things that need to be changed. We are hoping the positiveness will come out and everyone will see this."

Both groups stood on opposite corners of Omaha Street and Mount Rushmore Road.

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