Hundreds of Rapid City Area middle school students unite in song

Thursday evening's concert opens the curtains for "Music in Our Schools" month. It is a collaboration between all of the middle school choir programs. This is something that students choose to do by taking an elective in choir. Music instructors say the pieces sang tonight are musically rich.

Angela Kintner, assistant director of choral music at Stephens High School and West Middle School, says "It's a wonderful testimony of so many students that are 7th and 8th graders coming together for the common good. It really brings the community together and also it's inspiring a love for music not only in their lives now but hopefully into high school and beyond. "

Thursday night's "United in Song" Concert is the first of three all-city music festivals. Central High School and Stevens High School Concert Choirs combined with the group to perform a short set tonight as well.