Hundreds gathered to remember Representative Craig Tieszen

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Rapid City, SD The state was shocked to hear of the death of Representative Craig Tieszen in an accident in the Cook Islands on November 22nd. And Monday hundreds gathered to honor his memory at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center.

Representative Tieszen served the state as a representative in District 34 and as a former senator, former Rapid City Chief of Police, volunteer and respected citizen. Many prominent figures in South Dakota including Mayor Steve Allender, Police Chief Carl Jegeris, Governor Dennis Daugaard and family and friends honored his legacy during his funeral Monday.

Major Steve Allender says, "Craig J Tieszen, 68 died on November 22nd 2017 on the island of Rarotonga. He is survived by his wife Den and two daughters"

Governor Dennis Daugaard says, "Of course we were all shocked when we heard the news of Craig's death in the days since we've seen many moving tributes to Craig as a legislator, a policemen, a father and, a friend. "

Chief Karl Jegeris, Rapid City Police department says, "What a gift for the state of South Dakota to have such a pure peace-seeker in the mix of the legislative process. "

Allender says, "In addition to his public service he sat on many non-profit boards of directors including Rapid City's club for boys for 35 years. "

Daugaard says,"Craig's life was committed to serving others."

Jegeris says, "His impact on our department and community is impossible to measure but it has been profound and it will continue to be profound because his impact is not done."

Craig Oyler, Tieszen family friend says, "But in honor of Craig Tieszen , I ask you to greet people with a smile in honor of Craig I ask you to listen to someone tell their stories and in honor of Craig i ask you to make someone feel like the most important person in the room because I can guarantee you that's what Big Craig would do."

Daugaard says, "We can all learn from his example. Our state is a better place today because of Craig Tieszen and on behalf of the people in this state, I offer my deepest sympathy and my thanks to Craig Tieszen for a life well lived. "

Representative Tieszen was laid to rest after the funeral at Mountain View Cemetery.