Hundreds check in at the 39th Annual Ski for Life

Vern Shaffer, president of Black Hills Ski for Life, says " we're skiing and we're snowshoeing and we're snowboarding."

It is just a half of what happens at Ski for Light, a place where the visually and physically impaired get a chance to leave their disorder behind.

Shaffer continues "and really no one has a disability here."

More than 300 people including participants, guides and volunteers checking into the hotel this year for a week-long never-forget experience and the opportunity to hit the slopes.

33-year-old Tara Knudson has been attending Ski for Light since she was 14 years old. Coming from Sioux Falls, she say's it's always nice to see the many friends she's made over the years and meet new ones.

Tara Knudson, says "I don't feel like I have a disability when I come here, like back at home I feel like I have a disability and here I don't feel like a normal person."

and whether they're a social butterfly like Tara and knows their way around ...

Knudson says, "I'm looking forward to everything, having fun with friends, going dancing, skiing downhill."

... or a newbie like Kylie Forth who joins the group from Australia.

Forth says, "I've never skied before and I've only just seen snow for the second time in my life so it's very exciting."

... or if you're Miss Wheelchair America 2018 and getting back on the ice.

"To be honest, I haven't been skiing since I've been in a chair and I heard that it's alot of fun."

They are all reminding people that no matter their circumstances, they can do anything they put their minds to. If you're interested in getting involved in Ski for Light, the best place to start is at their website