Humane Society begins adoption process with puppies from Creighton seizure

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Adoption appointments have been stacking up for the Humane Society of the Black Hills after the non-profit was granted ownership over the animals seized near Wall last December.

The Humane Society opened adoption for the puppies from the seizure last week and say within hours all of their appointments were maxed out.
Their first full day of appointments was Monday. Humane Society staff say so far they believe a pup has gone home to a new family after each appointment.
They say they think it could be the tragic circumstances behind the animals that is drawing so many people in.

Kaitlyn Janak with the Humane Society of the Black Hills says, "This has really kind of pulled at people's heart strings. We've had a lotof people really interested in the puppies because everybody loves puppies. But also in the adult dogs we've taken in from that situation as well. That process we're hoping to get started in a couple weeks with applications. But we'll make an announcement on our Facebook when we decide a final date for that."

The Humane Society hopes all of the little ones have their forever home by the end of the week. But if there are any puppies left over, they will go up on their website and can be adopted on a first come-first serve basis.