How to keep yourself safe in a hailstorm

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - As we all know, hailstorms are very common in Western South Dakota and it's also common for people's cars and trucks to get hammered by that hail.

The biggest thing you can do to protect your car is to have a plan ready when you find yourself facing a storm.

The first thing you should do immediately is find a good location to stop that doesn't block the driving lane. Make sure your location isn't a spot where flash flooding can occur or if there is a potential tornado. You do not want to be under an overpass and never get out of your vehicle.

"Your windshield will take more impact then some of the other glass in your vehicles typically, but if it's really getting to the point where you're nervous about that glass breaking make sure that you have your back towards the glass that is most likely going to break. If you can, if it's just you in the vehicle and you're physically able, lay down. Don't have such a high profile, put a jacket, a piece of clothing over your head or face because really if we start having glass breaking we just want to protect our skin, our face and our eyes," said Dustin Willett with Pennington County Emergency Management.

Prevention is another key to avoiding hail damage. Pay attention to weather patterns, forecasts and even National Weather Service watches and warnings. It's okay to stay where you're at longer to wait out the storm or leaving earlier to beat it.