How to help families in need this Christmas at YFS

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This past weekend had a focus of buying, but some families are unable to buy during Christmas time, because it comes with an expense that they can't afford.
That's why Youth & Family Services has their "Holiday Family Program," giving families some extra support who are facing financial challenges this holiday season.
So, how you can get involved?

Youth & Family Services Communication Coordinator, Brianna Nelson, says, "It's a really joyous and merry time of year, but for a lot of families, it's just an added stress, you know, you really want to be able to provide your kids and your family with kind of that fun holiday experience and families who are struggling to keep their lights on, keep meals on the table, it's just kind of an extra thing on their plate."

That's where you come in, bringing financial support to families in need.
Youth & Family Services has kicked off their "Holiday Family Program," looking for sponsors for 140 families that were selected by the family services specialist.

Nelson says, "You can select the family that you want to sponsor. The sponsorship in terms of dollars is $250 per family. That includes, gifts for everybody in the family, so mom and dad and all the kids, as well as a really great holiday meal for them to enjoy together."

You can either donate the money to YFS or shop for a family yourself from their wish list.
But if you are unable to donate financially, you can donate your time for this year's holiday gift wrapping booth at the Rushmore Mall.

Nelson says, "We have about 45 volunteer slots that we're still looking to fill for gift wrappers for our gift wrapping booth and of course all of the proceeds from that booth will go back into supporting the program of Youth and Family Services."

The gift wrapping station will start on December 10 and run through the 24.
If you are interested in either being a sponsor or a volunteer, you can call YFS at 342-4195.