How the Thanksgiving holiday weekend affected restaurants in Spearfish

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People are winding down from a busy Thanksgiving weekend and so are many businesses in the northern hills.

Our reporter Katrina Lim takes a look at how two Spearfish businesses fared this holiday weekend.

This weekend was jam-packed with Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday.

Some restaurants say they've had a huge influx of customers during Thanksgiving weekend, but Dough Trader Pizza says the sales difference between this weekend and weekends past for them was minimal.

Dough Trader Pizza Owner Kristen Bell says, "You know for us we had pretty typical sales for this weekend and the last several years. Yeah we haven't - pretty much steady flow so no complaints."

Although Dough Trader didn't have any Black Friday specials like the surrounding clothing stores, Bell says every pizza is special, especially since it's locally made.

Kristen Bell says, "I think there's definitely an awareness of and importance of shopping local and if I have options, 'Am I going to buy this from a big box store? Am I going to buy this online and what not?' And I think that culture is out there that people want to shop local if they can."

Before heading out to those Black Friday door-buster deals, some folks decided to get an extra shot of energy at Blackbird Espresso.

Blackbird Espresso Manager Briana Thompson says, "It was pretty manageable. I mean we just had a lot of families coming in like grandmas and moms with their kids and everybody just had a couple snacks, got some coffee, and then went onto shopping."

During Small Business Saturday, Thompson says customers could get a free latte if they bought a mug.

Briana Thompson says, "I think it's really good. It's great that Small Business Saturday give small places like us a chance instead of everyone shopping on the internet, they can come down and enjoy the real world."

According to a survey from the National Restaurant Association, out of the 43 percent of adults who were planning to shop on Black Friday, 72 percent said they would visit a restaurant or fast-food joint while they were out.