How reviews affect businesses in the Black Hills

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Hate comments on social media can be blocked, but you can't block a bad review for a business.

On the phone looking through the internet.

People can review a business on apps like Yelp and TripAdvisor and those reviews can both encourage and deter other potential customers.

Marcel Wahlstrom is the owner of Bavarian Inn in Custer and said that online reviews have been a huge part in their everyday process.

"The customers today are going to share their experiences and that's how they are going to decide if they are going to come and stay with us again, if they are going to share that with their family and they're going to come," said Wahlstrom.

In order to stay on top of reviews both good and bad, businesses need to grow.

"When we get negative reviews, we try to use that as a way to work with our staff to make our property better. Most of the time when it's something small we can make an adjustment right away." Wahlstrom continued, "If it's something a little bit more major then we work through it, but it's always a coaching opportunity for us to be able to make with our teams."

Those opportunities help businesses grow, but some places are taking it a step further and getting personal with the bad reviews.

Katey Riley is the manager at Spice and Tea Exchange in Rapid City reaches out to people who leave bad reviews.

"So we reach out directly to them and we tell them that we are sorry about what had happened and we invite them to come back into the store so they can have a better experience," said Riley.