How does impeachment work?

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - The House Impeachment Inquiry into President Trump has been divisive and complicated. But, how exactly does impeachment work>

Photo Source: The White House / MGN

Dr. Pamela Carriveau is a political science and sociology professor at Black Hills State University. She explained the incredible complicated process.

"The first step is that the House of Representatives opens up an impeachment inquiry, and that's where they're saying 'we think there's something here, we don't know yet, and so we want to do an investigation.' So right now, we have an impeachment inquiry.

We have six committees in the House of Representatives who are collecting evidence, and if, based on their investigation, that they think that there are ground for impeachment, then they will draft articles for impeachment.

Then, the next step, the articles of impeachment are taken to the House, House will vote, and all it takes is simple majority, and then the President is impeached.

Once the President is impeached, then it goes to the Senate, and the Senate holds a trial, where they have to consider the articles of impeachment, and then they collect evidence, they hold testimony. The Chief Justice serves as the judge, both sides present their evidence, and then they vote.

If they vote to acquit, then the president isn't removed from office, but if 2/3 vote that there is a crime here, then the president is impeach and removed from office."

However, the President can be impeached in the House, but not removed from office, if the Senate decides to acquit. This happened in 1998 to President Bill Clinton.

Dr. Carriveau also explained that what makes impeachment tricky is that the Constitution does not specifically define what is considered an impeachable offense. It merely says "high crimes or misdemeanors."