Holiday shopping tips from South Dakota's attorney general

PIERRE, S.D. (KEVN) – Tips on Holiday Shopping:
- Check the refund and return policies for restrictions and exceptions
- When buying gift cards, check for fees and expiration dates that apply
- Read the fine print
- Double check delivery dates
- Keep your receipts to make returns and exchanges easier
- Review warranties
- Compare prices
- Check shipping and handling fees

Along with those traditional shopping methods consumers also need to proceed with caution when dealing with online retailers.

Online Shopping Tips:
- Consumers using the internet to find the perfect gift should avoid using email links. These links can appear to be from a known business, but may be coming from a different company altogether
- Always ensure you are shopping on a secure site
- Use credit cards for online purchases. If there is a problem with the purchase it is much easier to dispute the charges
- Be leery of businesses who are offering deep discounts. If it sounds too good to true, then it likely is, so shop with reputable sellers
- Screenshot your order confirmation for reference. Websites get flooded and orders can get lost

Smartphone Shopping Tips:
- Be sure your computer and mobile devices are current with all software updates
- Be cautious of social media scams including fake Twitter and Facebook pages.
Stick to the sites that you are familiar with and do not click on unfamiliar links
- Research price comparison apps. There are many malicious mobile apps just ready to be downloaded
- Do not download apps from unknown sources