High schoolers use art to speak their minds on gun control

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These local high school students are using art to explore the topic of gun control.

Monday night the Rapid City Arts Council's "Juvenile Diversion Program" unveiled a mural on gun control.

The image shows a gunman entering a classroom firing hateful words.

A boy is hiding behind a desk overturned on the floor with his friend throwing a heart at the gunman.

One student artist says it's about fighting hate with love.

16-year-old student artist Austin Bloom says, "It kind of just makes me sad that someone would do something like that and as a young person like me, it's kind of scary for me because it can happen to us, to my school, and it's kind of terrifying to think about every day because you never know when something like that's going to happen."

Five students painted this mural during a two-week program.

At that time, they did some self-reflection and applied problem solving techniques through daily art journaling.