Hermosa's new school nurse is an iPad

Published: Nov. 28, 2018 at 9:25 PM MST
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Due to budget issues, Hermosa School is only able to have an on-site nurse for 3 hours a week.

So JO-JO fills in the gap for the rest of the time.

Some of the devices limked to the iPad give JO-JO the ability able to look down someone's throat, as well as their ears and even take their temperature.

The secretary of the school helps facilitate the device just in case the kids need help.

Connie Graziano the Hermosa School Secretary said, "They really like it, I mean they pay attention."

Hunter Atkins is a student at Hermosa and used the device when he felt sick.

Hunter said, "It's really cool, I never thought that was invented."

Although the school's Principal was skeptical of the device at first, she said the e-nurse technology has already proved itself handy.

"There's nothing better than a person in front of you. This is probably the second best option, and also when the nurse is here if she wants to use it as a second opinion she can do that too, " Lori Enright the Hermosa School Principal said.